Police Stop Vehicle, Find The Unthinkable

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – Jeremy Guthrie, 42, was drunkenly driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico when the police stopped him last summer. The DUI is not the only charge that Guthrie has gotten from the incident, as he is now facing more than a dozen charges relating to the six kids that were in the back of his Dodge pickup truck.

The suspect was driving drunk with his fly open while the kids were sitting in the back of his truck. The bodycam videos show that he was slurring his speech as he attempted to convince officers to let him go. One of the troopers revealed that the man had also failed a field sobriety test, which was also visible in the video captured by the bodycam.

However, following his arrest investigators found out that one of the girls that had been in the back of the truck had brought forth more allegations against the man. Guthrie is also facing child rape charges after he allegedly molested one of the passengers.

In the video released to the public, Guthrie is first asked for his identification documents, which he is unable to provide to the officers. The trooper then suggested that his wallet was right between his legs.

Guthrie responded by apologizing and stating he was just nervous, which prompted the trooper to state that so was he with the way he had been driving.

The officer proceeds to ask who the kids in the back are, to which Guthrie responds with his friends. When asked how old his friends were, Guthrie questioningly replied eighteen. However, the trooper quickly pointed out that some of the passengers were minors.

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