Pro-Hamas Protesters In U.S. Get Grim News

Photo by Pea on Unsplash

( – GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley has argued that the majority of companies in the United States would not want to hire someone who is connected to a terrorist organization. She proceeded to tell FOX News that all those who had participated in pro-Hamas demonstrations needed to be publicly identified.

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations argued that she knew that Hamas was considered to be a terrorist organization by most member nations and she stated that the intergovernmental organization was a pretense. She argued that the views expressed were similar to those that led to her warning America to not be in alignment with the World Health Organization during the pandemic.

Haley argued that this was the type of “ridiculous” thing that she expected from the UN. She further stated that this was the battle that she had fought daily for two years and that what she had not expected was to see it occurring on college campuses and U.S. cities.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” she further questioned how these college students and professors were supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization. As she pointed out Hamas had taken at least 20 Americans hostage while murdering at least 33 other Americans. She then claimed that there were members of the Palestinian militant group that had been chanting and calling for the death of Americans.

Haley proceeded to state that those who were protesting the Israeli war and were pro-Hamas were trying to destroy the United States. He argued that they were a danger to the country. She argued that this was also the reason why companies did not want to hire them.

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