Pro-Palestine Protesters Now Targeting Democrats

Photo by Pea on Unsplash

( – Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) recently reported that his New York City district office had been vandalized with multiple pro-Palestine slogans, including “Let Gaza live” and “Free Palestine.” There was also a spray painting on the office exterior which read “Blood on ur hands.”

Simone Kanter, a spokesperson for the Jewish Representative reportedly said in a statement that the attack against an elected official who was Jewish at this time of heightened violence and antisemitism was not only unacceptable but also “dangerous.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency stated that the incident was being investigated by the New York City Police Department. The report further noted that at 8:50 a.m. on Friday when a Goldman staff arrived at the office there were already police at the scene responding to graffiti that was defacing the building.

The security footage captured the moment that the two people responsible defaced the building. However, the image was unclear as the two suspects had put a plastic bag over the camera, making the images unclear.

Last month during an appearance on the “Today” show, Goldman reported that at the time of the Hamas attack against Israel, he had been in Israel on a visit with his family. He added that the experience was traumatic, but it could not compare to the violence that many Israelis had seen.

This is not an isolated incident of vandalism, as according to reports many Congress members have had both their local and Washington, D.C., vandalized following the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

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