Pro-Palestinian Protestor Target Biden Officials

Photo by Ash Hayes on Unsplash

( – On Christmas Day, activists demonstrating in support of Palestine voiced their concerns outside the homes of U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Their primary message was a call for the Biden administration to cease its support for Israel and to strive for a halt in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. These activists highlighted the rising number of civilian casualties and the deepening humanitarian crisis.

Their protest included signs with messages such as “stop the genocide” and demands to end U.S. military aid to Israel. They also displayed cutouts of President Biden smeared with red to symbolize blood, as seen in videos shared on social media.

Since the conflict’s inception in early October, the Biden administration has maintained its support for Israel. This stance has faced increasing scrutiny both internationally and domestically, particularly due to concerns about the impact on civilians in Gaza amid Israel’s ground operations in the area.

Reports from the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry indicate over 20,000 Palestinian fatalities, the majority being women and children. The conflict has also led to the displacement of nearly all of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents, who now face urgent humanitarian needs, according to the United Nations.

President Biden has consistently urged the Israeli government to scale back its military actions to reduce casualties. However, the Israeli military has not shown signs of reducing its operations.

Earlier in the month, Austin also urged Israel to limit its military activities in Gaza, warning of the potential to strengthen Hamas’s resistance. He emphasized the importance of protecting civilians and ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Upcoming discussions between Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and a senior Israeli official in Washington are anticipated. These talks are expected to focus on setting a timeline for withdrawing military forces and developing plans for governing Gaza after the conflict, a subject that remains a point of contention between the U.S. and Israel.

In a related demonstration, protesters in New York City expressed similar sentiments on Christmas Day. The protest involved numerous signs, cutouts, and makeshift floats opposing American backing of Israel. A minor altercation with police led to six arrests, as reported by the New York Police Department.

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