Religious Holiday Decorations Banned

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

( – Wisconsin city officials have put out guidelines for employees regarding the placement of holiday decorations outside public buildings.

In the email which was reportedly sent from a Wisconsin deputy city administration to employees, it is stated that they are encouraging employees to abstain from placing any religious decorations in public buildings during the holiday period.

The email was first obtained by Wisconsin Right Now, a media outlet, and appears to have been sent to Wisconsin employees by Melissa Cantarero Weiss, the Wauwatosa Deputy Chief administrator.

The email starts by asking employees to work together for the creation of an “inclusive environment” both for employees and for those visiting the building. It also notes that Christmas decorations could be seen on multiple public counters throughout city hall and that there were many employees who did not celebrate the religious holiday. As such, it is pointed out that departments are requested to avoid having “religious decorations” that are specifically associated with Christmas and should instead choose neutral decorations that relate more to winter rather than Christmas.

Jim Archambo, who is Weiss’ boss, had also approved of the email being sent out.

The city of Wauwatosa has around 48,000 residents. The media outlet claimed that those who pushed for the email to be sent out had “gone askew” and that there were many more important issues that needed to be handled.

In her email, Weiss adds that December is the month that the city hall is busiest as residents are able to visit in order to pay their property tax bills.

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