Republican Recorded Hurling Slurs At Police Officers

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the North Dakota District 23 Republican Executive Committee called for their own district’s lawmaker state Rep. Nico Rio to resign following the incident earlier this month when he used slurs against a police officer during a DUI stop.

The Republican leaders noted in a Facebook statement that following this latest incident they had “lost confidence” in the ability of the state Representative to serve the voters’ best interest which is why they were calling for him to step down. The committee further noted that Rios had deliberately chosen to use slurs and language that would belittle the police officer during the DUI stop and that the language he had used was not aligned with the party’s beliefs.

On Thursday, state party officials including Republican House Majority Leader Mike Lefor, had also called for the resignation of Rios.

The incident in question had occurred on Dec. 15 during a traffic stop, when the state Representative had used homophobic language and other slurs against the police officer.

On Wednesday, Rios released a statement noting that he was “seriously mulling all aspects” of his future and that he would be looking into receiving help to deal with his issues relating to alcohol. He further noted that he currently had no plans of resigning. In a previous statement, he had also apologized for his words to the officer and had taken responsibility for his actions. He added that he was fully committed to making changes and repairing his actions.

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