Republican Voters Send Clear Message To Democrats

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – A new CBS News-YouGov poll released on Sunday found that 80 percent of likely Republican voters believe that even if convicted in the federal case related to the classified documents found in his possession, former President Donald Trump should still be allowed to return to the Oval Office.

Only 20 percent of likely Republican voters do not think that Trump should be allowed to serve a second term if he is convicted.

Trump, who is currently in the middle of his third presidential campaign, first lost the White House in 2020 to President Biden. On Thursday he was indicted on 37 counts in connection to an investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving the White House in 2021. Only 12 percent of GOP primary voters had stated that they find it more concerning that some of the classified documents related to national security and the risks they could cause. However, 76 percent have stated that the indictment is more concerning than the documents, as it is politically motivated. Twelve percent stated that they are concerned about both.

Of all the respondents, 61 percent also noted that regardless of the results of the indictment their opinion of the former President is not going to change, while 7 percent argued that the indictment could potentially change their view “for the worse. Fourteen percent stated that it could change their view for the better while 14 percent said it would depend.

Around two-thirds of likely Republican primary voters said that they would like Trump to not refer to the legal cases piling up against him during his presidential campaign in 2024, while 39 percent said that they would prefer that he talks about them.

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