Republicans To Burn Pride Flags

Photo by Jas Min on Unsplash

( – Colorado’s Republican Party took to X on Monday to call for the burning of the LGBTQ Pride flags. In the post, they also claimed that those Americans who belong to the LGBTQ community are “godless groomers” in a separate fundraising email. All of these posts and emails came in opposition to Pride Month. 

In the social media post on X, the state’s GOP had called for all the pride flags to be burned in June. Earlier that week they had also sent a fundraising email which had the subject line “God Hates Pride” and continued by making the argument that the LGBTQ community was “grooming” children so that they could abuse them. 

In the email, it was clearly stated that June had arrived and that the month was being used by the community in order to attack everything holy and harm American children. As part of the message pushed forward by the party they included a sermon by evangelical pastor Mark Driscoll who is known for his anti-LGBTQ views. The message also has the signature of state Republican Party Chair Dave Williams, who is running for Congress in the 5th Congressional District in Colorado. 

Williams has received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in the race as well as one from Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.). 

Williams noted in a statement to the Hill that his party would not be apologizing for stating that God hated pride and that the LGBTQ agenda was harmful to children. He added that the only people opposing this message were radical Democrats. 

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