School Board President Sworn Into Office Using WHAT?

Photo by Trnava University on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Karen Smith, the re-elected school board president in Pennsylvania was sworn into office earlier this week with her hand on a stack of books, one of which is known for the sexually explicit content inside.

The swearing-in ceremony took place on Dec. 4 and it had Smith, a Democrat, walking up to the podium to be sworn in. As Smith walked to the podium, her husband followed her carrying a stack of controversial books.

Smith, who was re-elected on November 7 started off by thanking everyone who had voted for her and even argued that she did not take her position lightly. As she said she felt a “very heavy responsibility” to do her best. She added that she was very grateful to all her supporters and that all she could say to those who had challenged her was that she would do everything in her power to address all of their concerns.

The board goes through the process of naming a new president and vice president annually. Following the swear-in ceremony, there was a tailgate party to celebrate Smith’s election.

Within the stack of books that Smith used for the ceremony, was “Flamer” a semi-autobiographical graphic novel written by Mike Curato and released in 2020. The graphic novel is set in 1995 and it follows the story of a character who attends a Boy Scouts summer camp only to be bullied for having mannerisms that are considered stereotypical of gay men.” Within the graphic novel, there are discussions of pornography, masturbation, erections, and penis sizes and there is one illustration that depicts teenage boys naked.

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