School Board Sued For Hiding What From Parents

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) has filed a lawsuit against local school board members who are in violation of the open meetings law after they held closed-door discussions regarding the treatment of transgender students.

On Wednesday Bailey sued the Wentzville School District’s board of education claiming that the board had knowingly held discussions privately that concerned the school’s locker room and bathroom access for transgender students. He added that parents were intentionally excluded from these meetings.

The case by the Missouri Attorney General depended on the claims that two of the directors of the seven-member school board had made. In a sworn affidavit, the two members had claimed that their colleagues had pushed them to vote in favor of transgender students being allowed to use the locker rooms and restrooms that were consistent with their gender identity during the private meetings.

The lawsuit advocates that the decision to hold private meetings was deliberate and that the scope of the discussions of the school board extended beyond the permissible exceptions which state that government bodies are required to hold public meetings when talking about public business.

As he pointed out in the filing the Board was obliged to start the conversations about policy during sessions that are open to the public.

The school district revealed that they have not yet received the lawsuit and that generally they abstained from making comments about active litigation. They added that this was a matter that they would take most seriously.

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