School Caught Violating Kids Religious Rights

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – Parents of two schools in Centre County, Pennsylvania have filed a lawsuit against the public school district after they allegedly violated the children’s religious rights by blocking children from taking part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The lawsuit filed on July 10 with the assistance of the Thomas More Society and the Religious Rights Foundation of Pennsylvania details how the State College Area School District (SCASD) has allegedly been in violation of the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment’s clause for equal protection. This is because it has stopped students from participating in public school activities for students of religious schools.

The lawsuit stated that students who attend parochial schools should be allowed to be a part of public school activities.

Thomas Breth, a Thomas More Society special counsel, told Fox News Digital in a statement, that the district has a non-discrimination policy that allows students in the districts to take part in educational programs. This includes charter school students and homeschoolers.

Breth claimed that the school district is trying to claim that the students of the parochial schools should not be allowed to participate in these programs and activities because it could take the opportunity away from those students who attend the public schools in the district.

However, Breth pointed out in the statement that both home-school students and charter school students have been allowed to take advantage of the over 100 extracurricular activities and classes that are available. Still, students who were attending religious schools were not permitted to benefit from those same programs.

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