Speaker McCarthy Does Biden’s Job For Him

Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(FixThisNation.com) – On Saturday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) visited Maui to survey many of the areas that the devastating wildfire destroyed. There have so far been at least 115 people who lost their lives because of the fire.

During a press conference, McCarthy stated that he had been “fortunate” to have visited Hawaii with his family a number of times before. He added that having spent time there, he has gotten to see how much these spaces meant to everyone. He then questioned how they were going to rebuild everything and ensure that all those still lost were found. As he argued this was what was important and why they were there to ensure that everything was going to be done properly.

He proceeded to note that they wanted to collaborate with the community, and want to provide individuals with the necessary resources so that they can start rebuilding their life. He added that another important thing was to focus on the schools so that they could get children back into the classroom and learning so that they don’t miss out on their education.

During his speech, McCarthy also thanked all the Maui residents who assisted and helped others escape the wildfire calling them “heroes.” As he said there were many heroes who had brought out their boats and had helped get people completely out of harm’s way. These are also individuals that should be honored.

Finally, he pointed out that during the rebuilding efforts, there were two important goals, the first was to make sure that everything was rebuilt and the second was to ensure that the heritage and lives of those lost are respected in the rebuilding efforts.

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