Squatters Force Homeowner To Pay Ransom In Democrat City

Photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – A man in Pennsylvania has been forced to pay $1,200 in order to get squatters to leave his home after law enforcement was unable to help. According to Chris Harte, squatters had broken into his home while he was going through the process of selling it. However, the police and the city did not attempt to help him at all, which resulted in him needing to pay to get his house back.

As he shared, the police had informed him that they were not in a position to intervene, while court staff informed him that going through a formal eviction process would require over six months. Harte, who was forced to pay to have the squatters leave his home, said that this was “unbelievable” and that essentially the city was rewarding criminal behavior.

In December, Harte had spoken to Fox News only a few days after the ordeal had started. As he shared, he was preparing to sell an investment property in Philadelphia when he was informed on Dec. 8 by his real estate agent that people were living in the newly renovated home. She had told him that she had heard commotion the previous night and that she had then seen people moving into the property and removing the “for sale” sign.

Harte, who was making a school run at the time, and then had to pick his wife up from the airport called the police. When the officers went to the house and called him back they informed him that the squatters were attempting to install new locks on the door. The officers also informed him that the squatters were claiming to be renting the property and stated that there was nothing they could do.

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