Supreme Court Saves Trump From 2024 Disqualification?

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – On Monday, the Supreme Court declined 2024 long-shot Republican presidential candidate John Castro’s lawsuit which is seeking to block former President Donald Trump from running for the White House again under the 14th Amendment.

Castro has filed a number of lawsuits claiming that his actions on Jan. 6, 2021, constituted insurrection and as such under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment he should be disqualified from running for office again.

The justices released a brief, unsigned order in which they declined to look into one of Castro’s cases which the candidate had lost in the lower court.

Following this decision Castro took to X, formerly known as Twitter, stating that while the Supreme Court had the right to deny hearing a case, this was not something the appellate courts could do. He added that he was still going to fight against the decision in the appellate courts and that there were trials scheduled in New Hampshire on October 20 and a bench trial in Arizona on October 31.

Castro’s is not the only case brought against Trump citing the 14th Amendment. Other people and organizations have filed cases in Minnesota, Colorado, and Michigan claiming that Trump should be blocked from appearing on ballots because of the amendment. The 14th Amendment explicitly states that any elected official who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” is blocked from ever holding elected office again.

Legal experts have debated whether the rule applies to Trump in connection to his actions on the day of the Capitol attack.

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