Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Abortion Ban

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the “heartbeat” abortion ban in the state was constitutional and that it would continue to be in place. In a 6-1 ruling, the Supreme Court rejected the previous ruling by a lower court that found the six-week abortion ban to be unconstitutional. The case is now going to be returned to the lower court so that providers and abortion advocates can provide additional arguments.

The ruling will mean that abortion access in the state is going to continue being illegal if the physician is able to detect the fetus’ cardiac activity. This usually occurs around the sixth week of gestation. The majority of women are not aware that they are pregnant so early into their pregnancy.

Pro-Life America’s Susan B. Anthony praised the decision. Similarly, the group’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser also congratulated the people of Georgia, as well as the state’s governor and Attorney General for this decision. She added that life was winning across the country and that when people stood in support of life, Americans also supported them.

A judge from the Fulton County Superior Court had previously ruled in favor of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, and other abortion providers calling for an end to the abortion ban. The judge had claimed that the law was “unconstitutional” as it had been passed in 2019 during a time when Roe v. Wade was still in effect.

However, the Georgia Supreme Court argued that the Constitution was not changing and that the only thing that had changed was its interpretation. They added that since the overturning of Roe v. Wade it has been determined that abortion is not considered a constitutional right.

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