Texas Man Caught With Diabolical Weapon

Photo by Joe on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – Texas man Roberto Lugardo Moreno Jr., 42, has pleaded guilty in federal court after lying on a 2019 form stating that he was the intended buyer of a multi-caliber AR-style pistol that was actually intended for a Gulf Cartel member in Mexico.

The firearm in question was recovered by the authorities after a Mexican drug cartel kidnapped four Americans on March 3 in Matamoros outside Brownsville, Texas.

Moreno appeared before the federal court and pleaded guilty to purchasing and smuggling the firearm for the drug cartel that has been linked to the kidnapping of the four Americans. The multi-caliber AR-style pistol had been purchased from a pawn shop in 2019, and on the form Moreno had indicated that he was buying the gun for himself despite that not being the case.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney Alamdar Hamdani noted that oftentimes firearms are smuggled and trafficked into Mexico which results in them ending up in the possession of criminals who use them to commit crimes. He added that this particular case is a textbook example of what can happen when these weapons are taken into Mexico.

The serial number of the firearm Moreno purchased also matches the one on the firearm recovered by authorities that have been linked to the kidnapping. Reportedly Lugardo Moreno stated that he had not applied for a license to export the firearm from the U.S. to Mexico and knew that exporting it was illegal. He also revealed that he had received $100 for the gun purchase.

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