The Best And Worst States For Mental Health

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

( –  Atlanta healthcare staffing and research company called Soliant Health recently released a study on which states in the U.S. are the best and worst to live in for a person’s mental health. 

Using information available in agency data and national registries, the report noted that there are several factors that could end up affecting a person’s mental health. In order to come up with a final result in this report they weighed several of those factors to determine the impact that these factors had on people’s mental health in all 50 states. 

As part of the investigation, they looked at mental health providers who had received frequent information about people having “bad mental health days.” Other factors examined included the violent crime rate, the unemployment rate the opportunities to exercise, the quality of air, the suicide rate for those aged between 15 and 24, and the disconnected youth rate. 

According to the report the best states to live in for one’s mental health in order starting from the best are Nebraska, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, Colorado, North Dakota, and Utah. 

The top state, Nebraska, had the lowest number of both teenagers and young adults not in education or being unemployed. The state’s overall score in the paper was 85.2 out of 100. Connecticut was extremely close to Nebraska with 85 points. 

The study also found that West Virginia was the worst state in the country for mental health. It was followed by Alabama, and Arkansas. 

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