Top Ivy League College Hit With Another Walkout

Ad Meskens, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, students graduating from Yale University decided to stage a walkout during the commencement exercise. The walkout is connected to the pro-Palestinian protests that have erupted in campuses across the United States, including Ivy League campuses. 

The walkout started as Yale President Peter Salovey began the announcement of the college-by-college presentation of the candidates at the Yale Old Campus grounds. Approximately 150 students who had been seated close to the audience had proceeded to stand up and turn away from the stage while walking out of the exercise ceremony through Phelps Gate. 

Many of the protesting students were carrying a number of small banners that included several anti-war slogans while others were wearing red-colored latex gloves, a symbol of hands that had blood on them. The signs also included calls for protecting free speech and for the 45 people who had been arrested during the demonstrations around the university campus to be released and have the charges against them dropped. 

While the walkout was taking place, there were several students in the crowd that started to crowd, but despite the noise the protest was a peaceful walkout that had not caused any disruptions. The stage did not make any mention of the incident. 

Yale is one of the universities that have had to deal with several protesters who have been opposing the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, which has resulted from Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip after the Oct. 7 attack on the country. 

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