Trump Clobbers Romney After He Attacks His Wife

Mark Taylor, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Donald Trump’s team has launched a scathing rebuke against Senator Mitt Romney over revelations from the Utah senator’s forthcoming biography. An excerpt from “Romney: A Reckoning” by McKay Coppins, an Atlantic staff writer, details a curious encounter between Romney and the former president during a New England Patriots game hosted by team owner Robert Kraft.

According to Coppins’ account, Trump approached Romney’s son, Josh, at the event, directing his attention to a striking woman in the room and smirking. “Have you seen my girlfriend, Melania?” Trump inquired. “When I drop her, the phone is gonna ring off the hook. Every guy in New York wants to go out with her.”

In response, Trump’s team condemned Romney, branding him a “loser” who crafts “false stories to stay relevant” and urged him to cease spreading falsehoods. They pointed to Romney’s past presidential bid, characterizing it as a failure and claiming he bears partial responsibility for the nation’s challenges.

The revelations from Coppins’ book have ignited a public exchange between Romney and Trump, with each side defending its stance and attacking the other’s credibility. The contents of the biography shed light on the complex history between the Utah senator and the former president.

The book, which relies on interviews with Romney, access to his personal documents, and email correspondence, highlights Romney’s initial impression of Trump as not being a genuine businessman. The two first met in January 1995 when Trump invited Romney to his Mar-a-Lago estate, a meeting Romney accepted for the intriguing experience it offered.

While Romney initially endorsed Trump’s 2012 presidential campaign, he later distanced himself from the former president, branding him a “phony” and “fraud.” Romney was notably one of the few Republican senators who openly criticized Trump and voted to convict him in both of his impeachment trials.

Despite their political differences, Romney found himself increasingly isolated within the GOP alongside other prominent establishment Republicans who had publicly opposed Trump and faced threats from MAGA supporters.

The biography also reveals that Romney has been paying $5,000 per day for private security since the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Trump, on the other hand, is facing legal challenges and is actively pursuing a return to the White House.

Romney’s recent announcement that he will not seek re-election in the Senate signifies a change in leadership within the Republican Party, as he calls for a “new generation of leaders” to address critical challenges, including national debt, climate change, and international issues involving Russia and China. He critiqued both President Joe Biden and former President Trump, stating that neither is effectively leading their respective parties to tackle these challenges.

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