Trump Destroys Biden Over Israel

Photo by Chris Hearn on Unsplash

( – On Saturday night during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, former President Donald Trump stated that President Biden’s decision to give Iran $6 billion allowed the nation to provide funds to its anti-Israel proxies. The statement was made after Hamas, a terrorist group, attacked Israel.

During the rally which was aired live on Newsmax, Trump argued that he had predicted the war in Israel on September 11 right after Biden had announced the $6 billion deal with Iran. He then pointed out that it was important for the United States and Israel to have a very strong partnership right now and that right now strong leaders are necessary. He added that without strong leaders the number of tanks someone had is irrelevant.

He proceeded to accuse Biden of having betrayed both Israel and the United States by restoring millions of dollars to “corrupt Palestinian entities.” Trump then stated that many people were not even aware of this and that he wondered what deal Biden had made.

Trump did not miss an opportunity during his rally speech to tout his own administration for being the strongest administration that had ever stood with Israel and arguing that he would do the same again.

In reference to the attack that had occurred earlier that day by Hamas, which Trump called a terrorist invasion, he stated that this was the type of savage act that needed to be crushed. As he pointed out Israel was now at war and the United States needed to provide their full support to the nation.

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