Trump Finally Gets The Legal Win He Needed?

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( – On Wednesday, a protective order was sanctioned by a federal judge regarding the Mar-a-Lago investigation, permitting the distribution of classified documents as the Justice Department pursues charges against ex-President Trump over alleged mismanagement of confidential information.

Judge Aileen Cannon’s order didn’t address Trump’s proposal to set up a section of his residence as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for document review. Rather, it delegated the responsibility to a chief information security officer. This neutral figure will oversee the handling of the classified evidence and facilitate the review process for Trump and his attorneys.

The directive’s phrasing aligns with common protective orders in classified investigations, emphasizing the potential legal implications of unauthorized dissemination or mishandling of such information. Trump is also prohibited from discussing any classified details related to the case publicly. This extends to any classified data that might be publicly known unless it’s been officially disclosed by the government.

This development follows over three months since Trump faced an indictment by the Justice Department. He was charged with 33 counts under the Espionage Act, including obstruction of justice and other allegations tied to his alleged reluctance to return classified files.

The approval of this protective measure, which was initially sought in July, paves the way for the Justice Department to commence sharing vital evidence, which is predominantly classified.

Trump had earlier expressed interest in recreating a SCIF at locations he once used for examining confidential details during his presidential tenure. His legal team argued in August that reusing a previously sanctioned secure venue would be a practical and economical approach for confidential defense discussions. They contended that this would prevent the need for extensive security deployments every time Trump needed to discuss his defense.

However, the prosecution labeled this suggestion as remarkable, especially since the very place is where Trump is accused of mishandling some of the country’s most sensitive information.

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