Trump Says WHO Is Crossing The Border?

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump alleged without any evidence that the people who were responsible for the raid against Israel were now entering the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border. He proceeded to question whether it was possible that those same people could make a similar attack.

Trump, who is the frontrunner in the 2024 Republican primary race, posted a video on his social media platform Truth Social, in which he brought forward these claims.

On October 7, the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is in control of Gaza, launched a surprise attack against Israel which resulted in over 1,300 people losing their lives, while dozens more were kidnapped and are being held as hostages. Following the attack, the Israelis have responded through artillery and air bombardments which have resulted in more than 1,900 Palestinians in Gaza losing their lives. Israel is also preparing for a ground invasion and has called their 360,000 reservists and forces to gather along the border with Gaza.

On Friday, Trump stated in his video that those same people responsible for the attack against Israel were now entering the United States by the thousands. He then questioned whether those people were preparing a surprise attack against the United States. He also put the blame for the current situation on former President Barack Obama, whom he referred to as President Biden’s boss, and Biden himself.

He added that this was not something they could allow to happen and that they were allegedly planning “something very very bad” and people were coming from the Middle East into the United States.

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