Trump’s Bombshell Prediction About Biden Enrages Liberals

Michael Vadon, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – President Joe Biden on Tuesday made his official campaign announcement for 2024. However, former President Donald Trump during an interview with Newsmax predicted that Biden, who is currently the oldest sitting U.S. President, would not make it to the 2024 election.

On Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” Trump gave an exclusive 25-minute interview in which he covered a variety of points. At some point, he argued that much like everybody else, he also watched Biden and that it was “hard to believe four years ago” but that at the time Biden had not been out campaigning but rather in his basement. He proceeded to state that the “country is in trouble.”

He further claimed that Biden’s cognitive difficulties made it hard for him to launch his presidential campaign live and in person, which is something that Trump has claimed was a presidential prerequisite for centuries. Trump then noted that instead of a public announcement, Biden was “doing a tape of the announcement.” As he argued this means that they will be able to tape the announcement again and again until Biden is able to get it right.

Trump further claimed that the announcement has never before been put on tape.

Biden’s administration is currently having to face a number of threats, including according to Trump the threat of a third World War. Trump claimed that currently, they have someone in office who “doesn’t understand what’s happening” and that this situation is going to end in a nuclear war.

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