Trump’s Legal Problems Take A Turn For The Worse

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, E. Jean Carroll received a partial victory after a judge determined that a trial was only necessary in order to determine how much former President Donald Trump would be required to provide the writer in damages in connection to the defamation lawsuit that was filed against him.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan has determined in his ruling that Carroll was indeed defamed by Trump who had in June 2019 made a false statement with malice after she had come forth with the allegations against Trump related to him having sexually assaulted her decades earlier.

In his ruling, Kaplan noted that the verdict reached by the jury in Carroll’s other defamation lawsuit against Trump, which had determined Trump to have defamed and assaulted the writer, was controlling the case. Kaplan argued that Trump had knowingly made statements about Carroll lying about him sexually assaulting her. He added that while it was possible that Trump had either “acted with reckless disregard” or had known had “ulterior” motives and had made the 2019 statement with malice he brought forward the “same issue.”

Trump’s trial in this case is scheduled to start on Jan. 15 in New York. On that same day, the Iowa Republican caucus is set to take place. However, because of Kaplan’s recent ruling, the trial is only going to be used to determine how much Trump will be required to pay in damages.

Carroll’s initial defamation case over Trump’s denial of her allegations had been originally delayed as there were questions about whether Trump was protected by immunity as he was in office at the time.

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