U.S. Military Loses $260 Million

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – A new Department of Defense (DOD) report has found that the U.S. military bases used to house Afghan evacuees had suffered $260 million in damages. According to the Air Force, some of the damage is irreparable.

The DOD inspector general reported last week that the eight bases in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, and Indiana which had been used for housing evacuees, were requesting funds in order to cover the over a quarter-billion dollars in damages.

Over the course of 17 days, 120,000 evacuees had been transported to the U.S. after the messy withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan which led to the immediate seizure of the country by the Taliban.

The Pentagon report said that the described damages by the Air force officials were “unrepairable.” The report continued by saying, “Air Force officials described tables, chairs, and cots broken by guests and tents and cots ruined by spray paint, human biological matter, and holes.” The Air Force also noted that all materials were “completely depleted.”

The report also noted that many of the buildings were unusable until the plumbing and walls could be repaired. “DoD installations reported that facilities and equipment were overused, damaged, and remained in various degrees of disrepair, resulting in a costly maintenance effort.” They added that the facilities would need to be restored before they could be used in future events or even return to being normal bases of operation.

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