VIDEO: Anti-Israel Protester Target U.S. Flag

Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash

( – On Friday night, Pro-Palestinian demonstrators tried to make their way into Grand Central Terminal in New York smashing a number of windows in the process and getting into altercations with the police. As part of the protest, many American flags were taken down, while someone also burned an Israeli flag. 

The demonstration started at around 5 p.m. when thousands of activists took to the streets of New York in protest of the Israeli military attack on Gaza. The attack was launched in retaliation for the October 7, surprise attack by Hamas which resulted in over 1,200 people in Israel losing their lives. Following the surprise attack, Israel launched heavy airstrikes against Gaza, which has led to more than 11,000 people losing their lives. 

Steven Vago, a New York Post reporter shared footage from the protest on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the footage Vargo showed a group of demonstrators, many of whom were masked, trying to enter the Grand Central Terminal. One man had reportedly ended up kicking two windows during the attempt. 

In a different clip shared by Vago, one woman who has identified herself as an “Israeli supporter” was seen crying while one of the masked men was shouting at her. In a separate incident, a masked protester ended up climbing onto a traffic pole and bringing down the American flags. That was when the police started to move in on the situation. 

The protestors also made their way past The New York Times headquarters which had been covered in red paint. 


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