VIDEO: Chaos Erupt On House Floor

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday the Tennessee State House special legislative session led to chaos after State Representative Justin Pearson and House Speaker Cameron Sexton got into a physical altercation.

Governor Bill Lee had been the one to call in the session following The Covenant School shooting which had resulted in six months. However, the hearings were full of tension as the Republicans who control the House had no intention to pass any gun reform legislation.

The videos from the chamber on Tuesday show many members of the public shouting to “vote them out” while the lawmakers were quickly exiting the House floor. Devin Crawford, a WTVF photographer captured one of the videos from the House in which Sexton is walking by Pearson and Justin Jones, another Democratic State Representative. Both of the Democratic Representatives had been expelled a few months earlier over their participation in gun control protests.

Sexton while walking by Pearson with his security team nudged the State Representative who was holding a sign that read “Protect Kids, Not Guns!” On Monday a judge had struck down the new rule adopted by the Republicans that would have banned all signs from the House hearing.

Pearson proceeded to nudge Sexton back which only led to other lawmakers reacting and separating the two. As the video cuts out Pearson is taken to the back of the House floor while he is still saying something in the direction of Sexton.

The House Speaker stated that his security team had guided him to where Pearson was in order to avoid the photographers.


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