VIDEO: Driver Goes On Road Rampage The Hijacks What?

Photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash

( – A 30-year-old man, Darell T. Caldwell, was seen driving a stolen vehicle on Interstate 395 in Virginia. The man had originally stolen a truck which he used to crash into a number of vehicles, before ultimately stealing an ambulance which he drove as the police in Washington, D.C., ran after him.

The Virginia State Police released a statement to Newsweek on Saturday evening talking about the incident and stating that Caldwell was facing local and federal charges. As they noted, the state police charges connected to this case were still pending.

Caldwell had stolen an Arlington County Fire Department ambulance which had arrived at the scene to respond to the car crash on the I-395. He then used the vehicle to try and flee the scene while the police continued to chase him. While in the ambulance Caldwell crashed into 13 vehicles while trying to avoid the police. The accidents also resulted in six people needing to be taken to a hospital nearby where they received treatment for their minor injuries.

The incident started on Saturday afternoon when the police responded to a two-vehicle crash at around 3:40 p.m. At the time the police were informed that the truck that had caused the accident had been stolen from Falls, Church, Virginia. A minute later, the police responded to a different multi-vehicle crash which was caused by the same truck. Between the two incidents a total of 6 people needed to be taken to the hospital. Caldwell had reportedly fled the second scene on foot.


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