VIDEO: Officers Caught Assaulting Woman

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials released the footage from an incident that occurred on June 24, after deputies from the department had to respond to an “in-progress robbery” at the parking lot of a WinCo Foods store in Lancaster. In the report, the police department noted that following the deputy’s arrival at the scene they were approached by a man and woman who matched the description of the robbers given by the store’s security staff.

The deputies proceeded to try and detain the two individuals, but the incident escalated further as brute force was used. Officials also revealed that an eyewitness at the scene had taken a video of the incident which they had called “disturbing.”

The body cam footage from the two deputies shows the man getting handcuffed as the woman is just standing on the side filming the scene. A deputy then proceeds to go to detain her, but the woman starts yelling in protest, claiming that she had not done anything.

The deputy can also be heard telling the woman to stop protesting or she will end up being “punched in the face.” Pepper spray is then used on her face as the police handcuff her. Throughout this incident, the woman’s husband is telling the police to not hurt her as she has cancer.

In the release, the department noted that the case is being investigated and that Sheriff Luna has always pushed for Department personnel to handle civilians with “dignity and respect.” The release further noted that those personnel who did not abide by the training stands would be held accountable. The two deputies involved in the incident have been “re-assigned” following an administrative review.


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