Why Liberals Are Really Voting For Biden

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – A new Reuters/Ipsos two-day poll has found that the majority of Americans show more motivation to stop former President Donald Trump from winning back the White House than to support President Joe Biden.

The poll closed on Tuesday and found that the two candidates continue to be in a tight race with Trump leading the race against Biden with 51 percent over 49 percent. The margin of error in this poll is around four percentage points.

Biden’s supporters stated to a larger extent that they were going to be voting so that the other candidate would be kept from winning the White House than Trump supporters were. This is an indication of how deep the disdain for the former President still runs in many Democratic circles as well as of how Biden’s candidacy has not garnered a lot of enthusiasm.

Around 50 percent of Biden supporters surveyed stated that their votes were going to be going “against  Donald Trump and his policies,” while only 38 percent stated that their vote was meant to be in support of Biden and his policies. The remaining 12 percent argued that they were not sure which of the two reasons best described their reason for voting.

In contrast, only 40 percent of Trump’s supporters stated that their vote was a vote against Biden, while 42 percent argued that their vote was because of Trump and his policies. Finally, 18 percent stated that they were not sure what the reason for their vote was.

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