Candidate Convicted Of Jan. 6 Charge Storms Out Of Debate

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

( – Georgia congressional candidate Chuck Hand, who has been convicted on charges connected to Jan. 6, walked off the stage of a televised debate against his Republican primary opponent Wayne Johnson.

During the four-person primary on May 21, Johnson had won majority support with 44 percent but had failed to meet the 50 percent threshold that would allow him to secure the nomination. Hand had received 32 percent. 

The two GOP candidates are now set to face each other on June 18 in a primary runoff which will decide who will be the opponent of longtime incumbent Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. (D) in the upcoming election. 

Hand, who is the vice president of the Republican Party in his county and a construction worker, started off the debate by ignoring the first question he had been asked and instead delivering to the audience a completely unrelated message. After he finished with his statement, he walked off the stage while the cameras continued rolling. 

In his statement, he said that he had always lived in the 2nd District and had worked alongside people from the district in order to solve issues they had been facing since 2018. He proceeded to point to his opponent and state that he only ever came around when there was an election he could run in. Throughout his statement, he attempted to draw a divide between himself and Johnson, who he argued does not live in the district and is not a part of the community. He added that he had no interest in debating the district’s issues with someone who did not even live there.

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