About the Fix This Nation Team

Every single person on the Fix This Nation team has something in common. There isn’t one of us who used to start each day by flipping on the news, changing the channel, skimming a newspaper or three, or scrolling the internet for daily news. The problem? We all become exhausted by the clear censorship, clear bias, and obvious slant. We’d start and end each day with a bitter taste in our mouths, never sure what news we could truly trust.

Fix This Nation Has a Mission

We banded together to embark on a new mission – one with real purpose. We decided to sit down and brainstorm ways to help – ways to truly do our part and contribute to fixing this nation. We’re all proud Americans. We each believe in the core values set forth by our founding fathers.

So how can we help? We hope to do so by enhancing your day – one news story at a time. We’ll do the leg work so you can save time and energy. Ditch the scroll and spend a few minutes each day engrossed in simple, factual news stories that will leave you feeling informed and better prepared to make decisions for your family and loved ones. It’s that simple.

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The Fix This Nation Team

There isn’t a person on our team who isn’t dedicated to preserving our American way of life. We support the core values surrounding the traditional family, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, freedom of the press, and so much more.

Freedom of the press and the right to free speech don’t mean we stray from the truth. Our writers and editors spend hours each day doing just the opposite – digging deep to make sure the stories we report are researched, fact-checked, and up to the highest standards.

Everyone who works with Fix This Nation comes from a different walk of life but, again, has similar values and goals. Our seasoned journalists, writers, editors, ex-military members, teachers, active and past politicians, and survivalists know how important it is to protect your rights while promoting self-reliance.

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