Cyber Attack In The U.S. Targeting Who?

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, CDK Global, a software provider that provides systems for Car dealerships had to deal with a cybersecurity incident that resulted in all of their systems shutting down. The company has since stated that some of its systems have been restored as they investigate the incident which caused them to stop their operations in many auto dealers. 

In a statement, CDK spokesperson Lisa Finney argued that their work so far has allowed them to restore their Digital Retailing and core DMS solutions. They would continue to work to restore all their other applications while working to ensure that those applications are back online. She added that their key priority is ensuring their customers’ security and that their actions reflect that goal. 

Finney pointed out that the company had decided to shut down all of its systems in an attempt to be cautious. It is not yet clear what number of dealerships was affected, as CDK is currently present in over 15,000 retail locations across the country. 

CDK noted in a 2023 report that 17 percent of 175 dealerships had noted that in the past year, they had experienced a cyberattack. In a previous statement, the company noted that auto retailers were increasingly becoming the targets of cybercriminals who were using sophisticated methods to reach them. 

CDK has now stated regarding Wednesday’s attack that after consulting with “third-party experts” they would continue to investigate the incident. Currently, no further details have been released regarding the probe.

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