Hundreds Of People Charged Under Biden’s New Gun Law

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( – Tuesday marks the second anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the landmark gun safety legislation which has resulted in over 500 people being charged with gun trafficking or being linked to organized crime rings and transnational drug cartels.

According to a report by the Associated Press, which is based on a White House report, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act has enhanced background checks which under the latest law have blocked the sale of 800 firearms to people under the age of 21.

The funding from the legislation is used or is planned to be used by 14 states in order to implement better red flag laws. These types of laws give law enforcement the power to remove weapons from people in crisis but there are occasions when they are misunderstood or underused.

The report includes details on how the $85 million in funding is going to be used across the 125 school districts and 18 states in order to help determine which students require mental health care and provide access to it.

Biden in his recent comments about the law noted that it was designed to save lives and bring down the rates of gun violence. He noted that he is very proud of the progress that has been made.

The bill is an important achievement for Biden who is seeking reelection in November. However, Biden also argued that the law currently does not go far enough as he is trying to push for stricter background checks and an overall ban on assault weapons.

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