Milwaukee Banned What At RNC ‘Safe Zone’?

Photo by Coasted Media on Unsplash

( – On June 11, the Milwaukee Common Council passed an ordinance banning items in the restricted area surrounding the Republican National Convention.

During the convention, scheduled to take place at the Fiserv Forum from July 15 to 18, 50,000 visitors are expected to descend on the city, according to Milwaukee’s estimates.

In preparation, the Milwaukee Common Council passed an ordinance banning specific items from entering the restricted zone between July 18 and July 22.

These are some of the items banned by the ordinance:

  1. Materials: Under the ordinance, plastic, wood, metal, and other hard materials exceeding the outlined thickness and size have been banned. These restrictions apply to wood that may be used to support signs.
  2. Tech: Drones and unmanned aircraft systems or devices are banned in the restricted zone.
  3. Locks: Locks, except those attached to bicycles or fencing, are prohibited.
  4. Shelter: Tents and temporary shelters, including sleeping pads, cots, mattresses, hammocks, sleeping bags, and bivy sacks, are banned.
  5. Food and Utensils: Stoves, ice chests, coolers, and canned goods are prohibited.
  6. Miscellaneous: Ropes, ladders, strappings, chains, cables, wires, tape, and lines or similar material exceeding 6 inches are prohibited. Tennis balls have also been restricted.
  7. Guns: Paintball guns, pellet guns, BB guns, air pistols, air rifles, blasting caps, wrist rockets, wrist shots, and projectile launchers are banned. However, real guns have not been banned.

The decision not to ban real guns is because the city cannot “violate state statute,” according to  José G. Pérez, the President of the Milwaukee Common Council. Pérez added that such a ban would not be “legal and enforceable.”

Residents, businesses, and law enforcement officials operating within the zone have been excluded from the ban.

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