Republican Stunned After Biden Attacks U.S. Allies

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas) blasted President Joe Biden for throwing Israel under the bus to further his political purposes and fueling wars across the globe.

During his appearance, Cotton was asked about his thoughts on Biden turning on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his recently published interview with Time Magazine.

In response, Cotton described Biden’s statements as “another slander” the President made against Netanyahu and “the Israeli government at large.”

Cotton highlighted how “very popular” Netanyahu’s policies are and how Biden was repeatedly attempting to “limit Israel’s freedom of action” and the nation’s ability to “defend” itself. He added that Biden, rather than pressuring Hamas and its supporters in the Middle East, Biden had focused on putting “more pressure on Israel.”

The Republican Senator expressed his belief that the administration should be “backing Israel to the hilt,” explaining that if that was the case since the Hamas attack on October 7, the war “would probably already be over,” there would be no captive hostages and far fewer civilian casualties in Gaza.

Instead, Cotton explained, Biden’s actions catered to the “small pro-Hamas” segment of the Democratic Party rather than the “large pro-Israel majority” of the country.

When asked about the Russia-Ukraine war, the Republican Senator blamed Biden for the war starting and for the length it’s been ongoing.

Cotton suggested the President should only point the finger at himself because he had “pussyfooted around,” by refusing to give Ukraine the weapons the nation needed to defend against Russia. Cotton pointed out how Ukraine had requested for “certain types or quantities of weapons” which Biden initially refused, before backtracking three, six, or nine months later when the provisions came “too late.”

The Republican Senator then suggested that Biden’s presence in the White House had been the reason Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, noting that the last time he did so was when the U.S. was under Democratic leadership — during former President Barack Obama’s term.

To bring back “peace and stability,” Cotton concluded, American voters had to remove Biden and return former President Donald Trump.

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