Republicans To Investigate Who Now?

LouisvilleUSACE, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., has launched a probe into NewsGuard’s news rating system and how it affects First Amendment speech. The investigation is also going to look into whether or not the company has received any sponsorship from any level of government, ranging from local to federal as well as foreign government. 

In his letter to Gordon Crovitz and Steven Brill, the co-chief Executive Officers of NewsGuard, Comer argued that they were looking for all documents that related to the company having contracts with federal agencies and any information and policies that they have in place to guard against possible bias. The chair pointed out that the committee wants to independently investigate whether or not the organization has intervened in protected speech or has received any sponsorship from government entities. 

Comer argued that the Committee has not taken any issues with a business entity providing other customers and businesses an analysis in order to safeguard their brand and that instead their point of concern is the possibility of other government entities being involved in interfering with freedom of expression. 

NewsGuard argued that all news sources are just rated based on reliability and that “expert journalists” are the ones to rank publishers with a score from 0-100. It adds that the score is based on whether or not certain websites have repeatedly published misleading or fake content, as well as whether it is clear what is news and what is opinion. 

NewsGuard critics have also been claiming that the group is very partisan and biased and that the ratings are based on this bias.

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