Democrats Call Black Supreme Court Justice A What?

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, the Georgia Senate approved a proposal that would allow for a statue of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas to be erected at the State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many Democrats and media outlets have been critical of the decision as Thomas is a controversial figure.
The plan was approved in the Republican-led state Senate in a 32-20 vote along party lines. Senate Bill 69 would now have to be debated through the House before it is completely approved.

Thomas is a native of Pin Point, Georgia, which is near Savannah. Rep. Senator Ben Watson, who represents the area of Thomas’ birthplace, was the one to sponsor the bill.

He told other Senators that Thomas has had a life of great achievements and he should be recognized for those on Georgia’s Capitol grounds. He added that this would be a great opportunity for future generations to also learn a lot of important lessons from Thomas’ legacy and gain inspiration from his story.

The statue would be fully funded through private donations.

However, the Democrats have been critical of the bill stating that Thomas was a very controversial figure and should not be granted this honor. One State lawmaker suggested that Thomas, who is the 2nd Black American to ever serve in the Supreme Court, was a traitor to his race. Sen. Emanuel Jones, who is also Black, while discussing the bill said that Thomas was “a person of color that goes back historically to the days of slavery and that person betraying his own community.” He added that this has a name within the Black community noting that they would be dubbed “Uncle Tom”, that is a person who during slavery would have “sold his soul to the slave masters.”

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