School Board President Punished For Banning Pride Flag

Photo by Sophie Emeny on Unsplash

( – Ryan Jergensen, a school board president, has now been ordered to pay legal fees to one community member, following his district’s ban on displays of all flags apart from the California state flag and American flag.

The Sunol Glen School Unified School District representative trustees voted on Sept. 12 on the new rule which was viewed by many as an attempt to block progressive symbols, including the Pride flag from being displayed on school grounds. One of the members to have voted in favor of these restrictions was Ryan Jergensen, the president of the Sunol Glen School Board.

Jergensen told Fox News Digital that he would now be required to pay the attorney’s fees for this litigation because receiving death threats was not enough. He added that he was the only school parent on the board who was trying to ensure that the school would continue to be neutral for all of the families.

He continued by saying that he did not mind where in the political spectrum someone fell or what their belief system was. He added that he had never tried to impose his beliefs on the school and added that all he has asked was for the school to continue being neutral for families and children>

Previously Jergensen got a temporary restraining order against Denise Kent Romo, a former school trustee who is married to Trustee Peter “Ted” Romo. Jergensen had joined to fill her seat after she resigned for health reasons and had ended up winning a full term in November 2022. He noted that the restraining order had been filed after he and his family received multiple death threats, with many of them highlighting Kent Romo’s claims that Jergensen was connected to extremist organizations and was anti-LGBTQ.

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