Biden-Nominated US Attorney Gets Totally Exposed

Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

( – The former US Attorney of Massachusetts Rachael Rollins who had been forced to resign had also allegedly violated the spending guidelines for the district attorney’s credit card which is funded by taxpayers. Rollins had resigned following an ethics violation. 

In 2023 the Department of Justice had led an extensive ethics probe into her appearance at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee which also included Jill Biden. Previously she had worked as the Suffolk County district attorney, from 2019 to 2022. 

The investigation had determined that she had “lavishly” spent on meals dining out at fancy restaurants during her tenure. This appears to be a violation of the state guidelines. 

The Herald reported that within one week in 2021, she had dined out three times with her bills ranging between $115 and $195. The receipts of the credit card also showed that she had spent $93.58 at the Barcelona Wine Bar and $128.79 at Sonsie. 

Later that year it had also been reported that Rollins had used the district attorney’s credit card in order to fund a New York City trip. On a different NYC trip, Rollins had reportedly spent over $400 in an Italian restaurant in the city. 

The card had also been spent on a number of meal delivery orders and coffee. This is despite the fact that in her position she would have gotten more than $190,000 as her DA salary. These expenditures all go against the guidelines for the state-issued credit card.

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