Democrats Rage As Republicans Finally Win In Court

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court reversed the ruling of a lower court which would place sanctions on the state’s GOP after the state had to spend its resources to defend its election procedures in 2020. 

The trial court had originally placed $27,000 in sanctions and the attorney fees of the Secretary of State’s office, however, the high court overturned this ruling. 

In the decision Justice John Lopex argued in times of conflict they needed to remember that the courts provided a platform for resolving issues that are presented legitimately. He continued that these sanctions, even if done with the best intentions, would potentially be dangerous to the rule of law. 

The Arizona Republican Party praised the court for its decision and pointed out that this “reaffirms” the legal principle that asking questions about the election law was a legitimate way of using the judicial system and not something that had been done in bad faith. 

The state Republican Party had brought forward a lawsuit in which they alleged that Maricopa County should not have conducted the hand-count for the accuracy of the ballots in the 2020 elections. Following the examination, it was not that the voting machines had been 100 percent accurate.  There had also not been any evidence of voter fraud found. 

A Maricopa County judge in 2021 had ruled that the lawsuit brought forward by the party had been “groundless” and had ordered that they were recovered to cover over $18,000 in legal fees. An appeals court had rejected the state GOP’s attempt to appeal the ruling in 2023.

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