Letitia James Attacks Columbia University

King of Hearts, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(FixThisNation.com) – This week, New York State Attorney General Letitia James put out a statement against the pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University, however, she also stated that she intended to continue to serve as faculty at the University. 

The New York Post was the first to report on the statement where James condemned the protests and argued that she was concerned about the demonstrations escalating at Columbia University. While making this statement James is also serving as a Professor of Public Policy in the Faculty of International and Public Affairs. 

In her faculty bio, it is stated that James has been serving in her role since 2021. It was noted that her part-time assignment brings in a $15,000 salary as of 2023. She is also intending to continue teaching in 2024 with her compensation said to increase to $20,000. 

In the statement, James stated that she found the events that had unfolded on the University Campus to be deeply concerning and argued that they were painful for many people. She continued by noting that peaceful protest was one of the pillars of the U.S. economy, but that when that protest turned to hate and antisemitic violence there would be a line that had been crossed and that they would not tolerate this situation. She also argued that this is a situation that they would monitor closely going forward. 

Tensions have increased in many college campuses as protesters have been calling for a cease-fire and for their universities to divest from those companies that have received profits from collaborating with Israel.

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