Democrats Unveil Plan To Give Illegals How Much Per Month?

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – Democrats in Minnesota are moving forward with a $500 statewide basic income plan which has been previously criticized as giving free money to undocumented immigrants. 

HF 2666, as the statewide legislation is known, was first introduced on March 8 and will supply eligible recipients with monthly payments of $500 for 18 to 24 months. As the bill states this will help them avoid poverty while also ensuring that their basic needs will be covered. For people to be eligible they need to be at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level. 

The House Children and Families Finance and Policy Committee approved the bill on March 12, which would be paid with a one-time $100 million appropriation in fiscal year 2025 taken from the state general fund. This is not the first time that such legislation has been passed by the state, but previously all such legislation was on a smaller scale. 

The city of St. Paul has previously tested a pilot program that provided a basic income of $500 for one year to 150 residents. A similar pilot program is currently being conducted in Minneapolis. 

The author of the legislation, Athena Hollis a Democratic state Rep. argued that she thought it was important for this to be extended to individuals who lacked documentation. This statement was made during a March 12 legislative hearing. She also pointed out how on the St. Paul pilot program some residents were allowed to keep receiving monthly payments even after they left the city.

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