Democrats To Let Foreigners Run For Office?

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

( – Last Monday, Cavalry PAC, which is a newly created progressive hybrid Political Action Committee filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 

Kara Eastman, the former Democratic Congressional candidate, and progressive media personality Cenk Uygur are heading the group which is meant to be focused on assisting naturalized citizens and Muslim candidates who want to run for federal office. According to a statement from Eastman to The Hill, the group is going to be launched on Tuesday. 

“The Young Turks” host Uygur withdrew from the primary Democratic presidential race in early March. Uygur, who was born in Turkey is not eligible to serve in the White House as the Constitution includes a “Natural Born Citizen” clause. During his long-shot presidential bid which lasted five months, he had also started a legal battle to get ballot access. 

After the Palmetto State had rejected his attempt to be on the primary ballot he ended up suing the South Carolina federal court. However, the Democratic Party opposed Uygur’s legal case arguing that the Constitution was the reason why he was not allowed to join the race. 

Eastman in a statement noted that they would continue to fight the litigation. She pointed out that Uygur’s campaign was focused on getting equality for naturalized citizens which as she argued the 14th Amendment of the Constitution did grant. She continued by noting that this was not something they were able to pursue further through the campaign, but that they want to cover the legal bills and move forward with the legal case which they will potentially bring to other states. 

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