Pro-Hamas Protest Descends Into Chaos

Photo by Rami Gzon on Unsplash

( – The London Metropolitan Police have been facing backlash following the release of a video in which they appear to threaten a British Jew of arrest because of the anti-Israel march that was ongoing at the time. 

The video was shared by the British Campaign Against Antisemitism and showed the Metropolitan Police calling for the campaign’s CEO Gideon Falter to not cross the street. The reason given for this order is the fact that Falter appeared to be “openly Jewish” as he was returning from a synagogue service and had a kippah, or skullcap, on. 

The cop had continued by threatening Falter with arrest and argued that he was beaching peace with all the people who were at the pass. During the incident, Falter had not been a long as there were another five people around him, some of whom were similarly dressed. 

In an interview with Fox News Digital Falter stated that what had happened to him had been a disgrace. He continued by calling for people to imagine what it feels like to be told by a police officer that looking “openly Jewish” was antagonizing people and that he needed to leave in order to avoid arrest. 

Many critics have stated that Sir Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner was not capable of imposing order on London’s streets and many people were pushing for him to be dismissed. He continued by saying that it was time for him to go resign and be removed by the London mayor and Home secretary.

Falter also added that almost a week after the original incident, the assistant commissioner had also put out a statement in which he had referred to his presence as “provocative” and by claiming that what he had done had dented the confidence of Jews in the city.

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