Murdered Teen’s Family Calls For Biden To Act

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – Ana Medina, who is the aunt of Lizbeth Medina, 16, who is believed to have been murdered by an illegal immigrant, has been pushing for stronger laws that would prevent more violence and other such tragedies. 

The teen was found dead in the Edna apartment that she and her mother lived in in December 2023. The 24-year-old illegal immigrant Rafael Govea Romero from Mexico has been accused of being responsible for the teen stabbing. It is also noted that the man is accused of having stalked her. 

According to reports Romero had been on probation for a burglary that had occurred in 2022 in Schulenburg, Texas. The Edna police have also pointed out that it is likely that the man is also behind the burglary that had occurred in the teen’s house only a month before her murder. Edna is located around 60 miles away from the original location. 

On Thursday, Ana Medina questioned during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” why the man had been allowed to have such a “long leash” when there were people responsible for lesser offenses who had not been given another chance. 

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson had told Fox News Digital that a detainer had been placed on Romero after his recent arrest. 

Ana in her statement argued that they were focused on felonies but that there needed to be stricter laws and consequences for all those with violent tendencies. She added that following the incident every single day has been hard for her family and that she continues to stand in support of her sister.

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