Top Trump Official Forced To Go To Jail

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is going to be reporting to prison following U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts rejecting his last appeal against his conviction for contempt of Congress. 

On Monday, Roberts had stated that he would not be pausing the four-month prison sentence against Navarro as his appeal was moving forward. On Tuesday afternoon Navarro is set to report to a prison in Miami where his sentence is going to be beginning. This is going to make him the first key adviser of Trump who will be serving time in prison over his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. 

Roberts had claimed that the application was only questioning whether Navarro had already met his burden in establishing that under the Bail Reform Act, he would qualify for relief. He further cited that Navarro had “forfeited” any change to the conclusion of the district court regarding how Trump had not invoked executive privilege. 

He further argued that he did not see any reason to disagree with the previous determination regarding those arguments. Roberts is in charge of handling the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals emergency matters which is why he was selected to deal with Navarro’s bid. 

Roberts had not published an “in-chambers” opinion in decades and in a previous written explanation had argued that he had not referred to the full court for consideration. Last year, Navarro had been found guilty of two counts for having failed to comply with a congressional investigation into the Capitol attack. 

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