Baltimore Bridge Collapse Leaves Thousands Jobless?

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

( – The container ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge has led to many workers that are tasked with processing goods that make their way through the Port of Baltimore facing an uncertain future ahead of the busy summer period as currently, cargo shipments have stopped. 

Following the crash on Tuesday Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg noted in a statement that when goods are not moving these longshore workers are left without work. The crash also led to six construction workers losing their lives as the bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River. As he pointed out it was likely that currently they were working, but that this work would not last long. He added that this was an area of concern for them. 

Buttigieg stated that each day the port produces $2 million in wages and that this is necessary income for the workers that are employed there. 

Crane technician Steve Rehak, who along with his two sons works at the port, stated that it was devastating. Rehak, 61, has spent the last 14 years working at the port and as he pointed out when the ships were not there, people were not making money. 

Rehak claimed that he would continue to work for the foreseeable future but that currently his work week has been reduced to around 40 hours per week, which has eliminated his ability to work overtime. 

When talking about the financial stability of his sons following the accident he argued that the situation would be “tough on them.” As he pointed out, crane technicians will usually work regardless of cargo traffic, however, longshoremen are only working when there are ships present.

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