Republicans Investigate Transgender Clinic

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

( – Missouri officials are calling for a probe into a transgender clinic after a report from a whistleblower stated that the treatments offered in the facility were medically and morally disgusting.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said on Friday that the allegations were “disturbing” and that they would make sure to thoroughly investigate the case to ensure that no individuals were being harmed by those focused on “a radical agenda” instead of on “the health of children.” Bailey added that he had known of the allegations 2 weeks prior, but had been waiting for the report’s before putting out an official statement on the public action that would be taken.

Senator Hawley also noted that his office has launched an official probe after it was revealed that the Washington University Transgender Center has been forcing “sterilization and child abuse.” Hawley also took to Twitter to note that the protection of the children of Missouri was the most important thing. He added that the institution was previously funded by federal taxpayers’ money.

Washington University has also launched an investigation after the allegations came out. They noted that they were going to handle this case with the utmost seriousness until they could “ascertain the facts.”

Jamie Reed, 42, reported in an extensive tell-all for The Free Press all of the treatments that children in the center had to go through without ever receiving comprehensive information about the effects of the treatment on their physical body and mental health.

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