U.S. Egg Shortage Gets Much Worse

Photo by Morgane Perraud on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – The U.S. is currently experiencing a nationwide egg shortage brought on by the largest global bird flu outbreak in recorded history. This along with the high costs of fuel and other materials has led to the eggs not being the relatively cheap commodity that they had been for the past few years.

In recent months finding eggs is not always as simple as heading to your local grocery store, what’s more, the eggs that are available have become more expensive. This has led to many grocery stores limiting the number of egg cartons each person is allowed to buy.

The bird flu which has been the predominant cause of the shortage has been contracted by more than 58 million birds in 47 states. The disruptions in the supply change, the high inflation, and the high transportation cost caused by a spike in gasoline and diesel prices have all led to the price of eggs increasing by more than $1.78 within a year. In December egg prices peaked at $4.25 for a dozen eggs.

So far, there does not appear to be a visible solution to the shortage in sight. The increase in feed and packaging costs has also not allowed the prices of eggs to be reduced. More importantly, while traditionally the bird flu used to move according to migration patterns and reduce in the spring, that was not the case in the last year. So far, the bird flu appears to be going at the same speed as before with no signs of the situation getting better.

The new strain of the virus has also meant that millions of birds had to be placed in isolation in an attempt to reduce the rate of infection. With fewer birds, there were also fewer eggs available.

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